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Attract New Clients

Let’s face it - we’re all looking for new clients.
Chocolate Dog will help you identify and
prioritize your most active buyers by
researching your leads and then developing
content based on their behaviors.

Convert Your New Clients

Once you’ve found those new leads, it’s time to
convert them into long-term clients. Chocolate
Dog helps you connect with your customers
by developing relevant and pertinent content.

Now Close that Deal!

You’ve attracted and connected with them,
now it’s time to close the deal with those new
clients. We’ll help you explore ways that will
help you reach your client’s goals.

It’s All About Satisfaction

Your clients will only stay your clients for as long as you can
satisfy their needs. We’ll help you to continue the conversation
by advising you on your marketing plans. Our goal is to turn
your clients into enthusiastic promoters of your business!

Let Chocolate Dog guide you through your next inbound marketing challenge.


Not everyone knows your business, so we’ll help you identify and then attract potential active buyers.


Once you’ve identified the perfect client, Chocolate Dog will help you make that lasting connection.


Clients need more than marketing materials. We’ll show you how to explore for more business with your client base.


We help our clients win more business by developing content that helps bring business to them.
The History of Chocolate Dog

Founded in 1998, Chocolate Dog cut its canines on web and digital content development. Our combined years of marketing and creative expertise will help you create a successful campaign to attract new clients. We promise – on time and on budget.

Although traditional sales and marketing methods still apply, inbound marketing is on the rise. Chocolate Dog can stimulate your current efforts while introducing fresh and effective new options.

Campaign development that includes web, email marketing and metrics, along with traditional methods, is our specialty. You can leave the details to us.
Now that you know a little about Chocolate Dog, drop us a line so we can begin a creative and productive partnership.

We've got a solution to fit your business.

We've got a solution to fit your business.

We've got a solution to fit your business.

It’s a marathon
We all know it’s about hard work and dedication and that should go for your marketing efforts too. Leads don’t become clients overnight, so instead of trying to sprint to the finish, we’ll show you how to build a lasting campaign.

Email Marketing

We can help you target your audience to increase the return on your marketing budget.

Landing Pages

Guiding leads to specific and current information is a must. We’ll tie your message to a landing page to increase your exposure.


Our WordPress sites allow our clients to update and maintain the content on their sites with ease.


In this digital age, print stills fits into most marketing plans. Developing follow-up printed collateral will help you complete the marketing circle.
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