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Why should I have a landing page if I already have a website?

We hear this question a lot – “I have a website, so why would I need a landing page?”
Normally, your website contains a lot of general information about your company, product or service. So think of a landing page as just another web page, but it can be developed to focus on a particular topic, event or service offering without the distractions of the full website content. The landing page contains content and a very specific call to action.

If you are running a campaign, conducting a webinar or launching a product, the landing page focuses on just this specific information. The visitor is getting the exact info you want them to receive and guides them to the action you want them to take.

A good landing page should include:

  • intentionally simple, non-cluttered graphics to draw your visitor in
  • good headline and subhead
  • specific details about the page or what you are offering
  • call to action

Typically the “Call to Action” is asking for visitor information in order for them to receive something or register for something.

You can also perform A/B testing on your landing page which will help determine the effectiveness of the page. You can design two different landing pages with different copy/imagery and send one half of your distribution list to “Landing Page A” and the other half to “Landing Page B.” After you have viewed the metrics, you can determine which page performed better and achieved higher conversion rates.

Landing pages don’t have to be used in every campaign you’re running, but when used effectively they can keep your clients informed and engaged.

Debbie Graham
Account Services Director – Chocolate Dog Marketing & Communications
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